Stir Crazy

After the long weekend I had hoped that maybe, just maybe, I would get to go to work again today. Alas, here I sit at home on snow day number 9 as they are now predicting ice and freezing rain to go with all the snow that is still sitting on the ground. You would think that they would have cleared at least some of the roads since Wednesday, but apparently the city of Portland has settled on a policy of “wait for it to melt”. All this is to say…I’m bored.

I churned out a Father Cables hat for Nate in record time yesterday. It went extra fast because, in addition to being painfully bored, I was terrified of running out of yarn from the start. The pattern calls for 220 yards of worsted, which is pretty standard for most single skeins. The yarn I had intended for the pattern is a lovely hand-painted beauty from Rainwater Fibers that I bought when I was in Washington for a training. I bought two skeins, one for Nate in the colorway Iron-y (a greyish/tannish/mushroomy sort of color), and one for me in Inherited the Family Jewels (a greyish/purplish/blackish sort of color). The catch? Each skein only has 190 yards, 30 yards short of what my pattern recommends.

When dealing with a potential yarn shortage, the only course of action is to keep knitting as fast as possible. And so I did. I measured and only left a few inches of tail after the cast on, and I skimped a bit on the ribbing. I knit frantically through the main body of the hat, swearing every time I glanced at my ever-dwindling skein. As I started the decreases, the ball was smaller than my palm.


I was optimistic I could make it, but I knew it would be close. And close it was, though not as close as I thought. After closing up the top and weaving in ends I have just a few yards left, probably enough for a stripe or two in another project. I LOVE how it turned out, and I’m looking forward to a much more relaxing time knitting a matching one for myself now that I know I have just enough yarn.


Oh, and I made zucchini bread last night. Did I mention I was bored?



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