Snowed in

Before this week we had already had 4 snow days this year. School was cancelled Monday because of ice, but classes were in session Tuesday. The weather report was predicting 1-3″ of snow on Wednesday morning, but I was sure they wouldn’t cancel again for just a dusting. On Tuesday night it snowed 3″ in one hour. Four days later there is still nearly a foot of snow on the ground. In Portland, Oregon. This is madness.

For me, all this snow has meant putting off lesson plans in favor of lots and lots of knitting. In my last post I mentioned the Pussyhat Project. At the last knit night I was able to attend before the snow I picked up some pink yarn and knit up my first one. I went stash diving for pink and made a second, but by Friday I was done with the second hat and all out of pink yarn. I hiked through the snow yesterday for a restock, wound up all the pink yarn in the house, and cranked out another.

These first three pussyhats will be sent out this week: two destined for family attending the Women’s March in Washington D.C., and one for my dad who wanted a way to show his support. Currently, I’m itching for something a bit more challenging, so I plan to cast on this hat for Nate before I knit one more pussyhat for myself.


Here’s hoping there is school again on Tuesday!


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