Fresh Start

Today is Christmas! I am up too early because my stomach is upset (though I am determined that it will be ready for mimosas in 2 hours), and I thought Christmas morning as good a time as any to return to this blog after such a long hiatus.

As summer came to a close I had high hopes of continuing to blog semi-regularly, and then September came in a rush and I feel like I haven’t stopped working for a minute since! I am a teacher now (eeeeeee! Still sooooo exciting to say that!), and I knew the first year would be hard, but I was totally unprepared for just how consuming it is. Needless to say, I love this work. I have never been more stressed, frustrated, busy, or fulfilled. I have grown so much just since September, and I know that my students will only continue to challenge and inspire me.

Coming back to this blog at this time of year feels right. A fresh start is a fabulous thing, and besides all my new professional challenges and triumphs, the latter half of 2016 hasn’t exactly been something I really want to look back on. I will keep knitting, keep teaching, and keep writing. Things are looking up. Merry Christmas everyone!


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