Beach Time!

Having spent my adolescence coming of age in a tourist town on the Oregon coast, I hold a special place in my heart for the beach. This week I actually took time off from work (this NEVER happens, ask anyone) and headed out with Nate and his family to a vacation rental in Manzanita, a short drive south of where I grew up.

This week has been just awesome! We have had perfect weather. I walked on the beach every day, went running twice, went on a gorgeous hike with Nate (pictured below), did lots of reading, and of course got to knit up a storm. On our first night here I finished up the kitchener graft on my Amors Arrow sweater (more on that in a later post, but be sure to check out the rest of the Sarahs Knitting Sweaters series on my blog and at One Last Stitch).

Setting aside the sweater I’ve been knitting for so long was quite liberating, and I needed something light and easy as a relaxing vacation knit. I had come prepared with yarn, needles, and pattern for the Angora Cloche Hat, something simple, quick, and fun. I cast on the super fuzzy yarn and was immediately delighted. Hats are so nice to knit because you can clearly see your progress, and rarely do you need to commit more than a few days before you get a cute new accessory out of the deal!

The yarn and pattern came to me from my partner on Fibreshare, an online community where you can sign up to send and receive fiber packages a few times a year. This was my first time participating, and it has been really awesome. I got a great package full of yarns and other odds and ends, and I had lots of fun putting together a package that I hope my partner will love. This golden yellow angora is the perfect color!

My awesome fiber package! The yarn for the hat is in the bottom right corner.

The actual hat part of the cloche knit up really quick, and then I moved on to the cincher and rib band. The rib band is threaded through the cincher to make a bow shape, then stitched onto the finished cap. It is so soft and fuzzy, and the turban-esque look of the bow is growing on me.*


I’m a bit bummed to be heading back to the city after such a wonderful week at the beach, but I feel rested and ready to tackle the rest of the summer. I’m sure I’ll be back at the beach soon enough!

*My phone is on its last legs (new one on the way next week!), so I was unable to take any pictures of my Angora Cloche in progress. I also took a really cute beach selfie while wearing it, but the file is corrupted and I’m super bummed. This is all to say I’m sorry for the lack of pictures, and for the bummer pic of me sitting in a chair :/


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