Graduation and Gradients

In the month since I last posted I completed my beautiful Coos Bay Beanie and have taken every opportunity to prance around with it on my head, in flagrant denial of the summery weather.


Most other things knitted ground to a decided halt, with graduation pending and buckets of grading and lesson planning to be done. Between marking scores and streamlining lesson objectives, I did knit steadily on a pair of socks, intended as a gift for my cooperating teacher. When planning the socks I wanted something interesting, and had purchased this really beautiful gradient yarn. I thought it might do a nice bit of self-striping, but as it turned out this was a VERY slow gradient.


About six inches into a ribbed cuff I realized that, while I liked this color scheme and moss rib pattern quite a lot, mis-match gradient socks are not a fashion I can get behind. I dropped the socks and threw myself fully into the pre-graduation push.

I graduated the last Saturday in April, and it was a really lovely day all around. My family and friends gathered, Nate made incredible food, and the sun even came around. I had stopped in at a knitting group earlier in the week, and after a quick consult at the shop about my doomed socks, I found a delightful substitute yarn from Sweet Georgia Yarns.


I started with 64 stitches, knit about 4 inches and frogged, went down to 60 stitches and knit 3 inches before frogging, and finally settled into a groove with 56 stitches around. I’m so pleased with how these socks turned out, the striping is exactly what I wanted and the colors are bright and cheerful (this photo definitely doesn’t do them justice). I’m sure my mentor will love them!

Also, my dear friend Sarah (find her at One Last Stitch, and check out our upcoming Sarahs Knitting Sweaters series) came to visit, and it was really just lovely.

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