The Crawl

After my winding frenzy last weekend I was itching to get something new on the needles.  I finished up my Kaika socks Monday night, and they are lovely!  I love all the different lace patterns, the bobbles at the top and the picot cuff.  It is delightful to finally have a hand-knit pair for myself that fit my feet and my style (apologies for the photo quality).


After the socks were happily warming my toes, I started another Light and Up for yet another Sara (we are legion!).  This Sara is a friend from my graduate cohort who saw my finished shawl and drooled so much I agreed to make her one in her signature shades, black, black, and black, with some grey for a pop of color.  When it’s done she will be one seriously chic art teacher!


This week was a social one in my knitting world.  I have mentioned before that I had been attending a weekly knitting group at Yarnia.  Alas, my schedule has changed a bit in recent months, so I haven’t been able to attend the Monday night group for some time, and hadn’t found another group that fit my schedule.  Well, while researching a bit about the Rose City Yarn Crawl (more on that in a bit), I stumbled upon a weekly gathering at another local shop that fits perfectly with my schedule!  I attended on Tuesday night, had a delightful time, and I hope to make this a regular thing.

Last but not least, the aforementioned Rose City Yarn Crawl.  Basically, this is a fun promotional event for a bunch of local shops, dyers, designers, and other vendors.  The truly die-hard Crawlers print a passport and try to get to all the shops on the list within the 4-day Crawl to be entered for big-time raffle prizes.  Each shop also contributes a pattern which you get free with purchase at the store (all are available on Ravelry as individual patterns or as an ebook).  I am far too financially strapped to be galavanting around the city salivating over yarn I can’t afford, but I couldn’t completely resist going out for a taste of the Crawl.  I went to my two favored shops (mentioned above), got two adorable new skeins plus two free patterns, and got out of the whole thing only $40ish poorer (it could have been much, much worse).


Alright, I’m off to cast on some gift socks and write a lesson plan.  Talk soon!

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