Addicted to Socks

Hello all!  It’s been a minute, and a busy one at that.  I still have many (too many?) projects in progress, and progressing they are, however slowly.  I figured out some cable confusions with my ambitious sweater project, and I have a good third of a pink blanket done.  Oh, and I knit myself a pretty little slouchy spring hat somewhere in the mix, too.

Over the long weekend, however, everything else stopped in its tracks and I started a pair of socks.  My friends, I will state it here for posterity that I, Sarah Burgess, persistent knitter and intermittent blogger, am officially addicted to socks.  I knit my first pair for Nate just to get my bearings, then a second pair that were meant for me but didn’t fit (now Nate has pretty pink socks), a third as a Christmas gift, and now I’m hooked.

I have all these other lovely, fun, engaging projects to do, but all I really want is to knit some foot mittens.  When I got my most recent loan refund from graduate school I immediately put 90% of it in savings (down payment, here I come!), but I splurged with some of the other 10% to buy nothing but sock yarn from Knit Picks.  As soon as it arrived I dropped everything and cast on my first pair of toe-ups in Stroll Hand Painted (colorway is called herbal-something-something, I think it’s discontinued…).  The Kaika sock pattern is GORGEOUS and free on Ravelry.  

I’m already planning for my next pair.  I have a problem.

3 thoughts on “Addicted to Socks

  1. Sarah 25 February 2016 / 1:34 pm

    Not a problem, a character feature! This is something we share.


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