The Horrible Blogger: Catching Up

I know, I know…I’m a horrible blogger.  But, I haven’t given up yet!  I shall do this thing!  I am here and I am posting and it is good.

It’s been a while, and it’s been busy!!  Since Thanksgiving weekend it has been a non-stop push forward toward the end of my first student teaching practicum, a much-needed break, and, of course, Christmas!  I’ve been rather wrapped up in planning lessons, teaching, writing up my work sample, and prepping for Christmas, but I’ve still been knitting plenty.

The first order of business: the world needs to see these amazing wine glasses that my sister hand painted for me as a late birthday present.  They have wine and knitting puns on them!  I love wine, and knitting, and also puns!  These make me so happy.


Clockwise from the far left they read: “Knit one, sip one!”, “Sit down, un-wine-d and un-ravel”, “Get worsted!”, and “Knit happens!”

Second, the shawl.  It’s taken a backseat of late to all the time-sensitive Christmas knits, but it has a bit of lace and then some.  Who knows, I might even finish it and get to wear it on New Year’s Eve!  The lace section was taxing, since the yarn is so small and the needles are rather large and slippery.  I haven’t decided how much longer I should go before braving some more lace, binding off, and making those bad-ass tassels for the corners.  I’ve got quite a bit of yarn left still, and I want this thing to be squishy and amazing.


Third, I promise, between lesson planning and teaching, I have been knitting.  I made two really delightful hats, as well as this pair of socks that I was literally knitting to the last minute on Christmas morning.  The socks went to my boyfriend’s older brother, and judging by the fact that he wore them the rest of the day, they were a success.

Pic quality is not great, but believe me when I tell you they are great socks.

Christmas was wonderful and lovely and delightful, and in the days since I have done nothing but knit (for me, at last!) and read (for pleasure, at last!).  That silly teaching work sample portfolio can wait.  Will blog again, and soon.

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